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Conscious sedation for the health of your mouth and all your psychophysical well-being


The team Kiral Dental takes care of you and gives a smile to all your family!


Kiral Dental offers the best technology to all the patients


Our practice provides prevention and oral hygiene for everyone!


“The idea that guides us is to make you smile when you think of the dentist “

Dottor Riccardo Scaringi

dental surgeon and director of the company

Dottoressa Francesca Perini

dentist, collaborator in pediatric and conservative dentistry sectors

Dottor Angelo Nava

dentist, collaborator in conservative, endodontic and gnathology sector

Dottoressa Angelica Munari

dentist, collaborator in orthodontics sector

Dottoressa Giuliana Bontà

Dental hygienist. Collaborator in oral hygiene and oral prevention

Dottoressa Stefania Pischetola

Dental hygienist. Collaborator in oral hygiene and oral prevention

Aurora Monteleone

dental assistant

Jackelin Belen Del Carpio

dental assistant

Angela De Pasquale

receptionist , head of secretary

Anna Ragusa

head of administration

“We are at your complete disposal with our wide range of services”

Invisible Orthodontics

The invisible alternative to the retainer to realign the teeth without metal wires. The Invisaling and ClearCorrect methods also include a virtual exam that shows a preview of the movements your teeth will follow during the treatment.

Hygiene and prevention

A healthy mouth is important, keeping it healthy is essential. In our dental surgery we use the new AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER system for the ablation (removal of tartar) with reduced “invasiveness” thanks to the ultrasound system with “no-pain” technology and the possibility of adjusting water temperature.


To avoid postural problems and the dental occlusion Bite, most used in sport, is now available for everyone. We also carry out electromyography to locate the type of disorder and the most suitable solution for each patient.

Cosmetic Surgery

The plastic surgeon Dr. Angelo Trivisonno will be available to all of you to explain new technologies and innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine. Please contact the secretary!


Every type of examination is performed in the studio for dental needs. Thanks to the Cone Beam digital technology (CBTC) at the orthopantomograph and the teleadiologist it is possible to perform accurate radiological examinations with low exposure to X-rays. Furthermore, the particular design of the device is not overwhelming even for people suffering from claustrophobia.


To replace missing teeth you can take different actions. One of these is the surgical implantation of artificial supports of dental prostheses. It is also used the bone regeneration of atrophies of the jaws and post-extraction implants to reduce the discomfort of the lack of the tooth.

Dental Aesthetics

Today the dentist is the one who gives back a smile to his patients.Prior to therapies and for the maintenance of the results achieved, we carry out whitening and dental desensitization.


Put the retainer to correct the aesthetics is not just a “thing for kids.” Our doctors are pleased to offer new and various aesthetic techniques. There is always a solution for everyone, and have a beautiful smile improves self-esteem!


Do you know its effects and the benefits on the body? Ask more information at the reception desk or book a check-up.

Pediatric dentistry

Our surgery also takes care of children’s teeth. Our goal is to patiently teach each child how important oral health is. We want their visits to the dentist’s to be pleasant so that they will never be afraid of us… we welcome all the children onto our “magic chair”!

Oral surgery

From extraction of wisdom tooth that does not grow properly, to the recovery of situations when the gum is compromised, until the cure of periodontitis and excision of neoformations. Our experience in this field allows us to effectively solve problems that can not avoid surgery.

Conservative care

At our studio is made the treatment of dental decay, complex reconstructions with inlaid directly recorded in studio with the personalized ceramic Cerec method, with aesthetic and functional restoration.

Digital impression

This technique allows to detect, through the use of an intra-oral scanner, the shape of the teeth. This 3D technology can be used for prosthetic and aesthetic reconstructions, without the annoying use of pastes for impression.

Dental prosthesis

The dental prostheses have the task to rehabilitate oral functions of patients with partially or totally missing teeth. This is done through the replacement of natural teeth with artificial ones.

Conscious sedation

Are you afraid from dentist? Kiral Dental Milano has the right therapy for you…. thanks to the conscious sedation you will never sleep again during an operation and you can follow your dentist!

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is the last frontier of anesthetic techniques and is completely harmless to the body. Inhaling a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, mixed by a latest generation machinery, the patient will feel pleasantly relaxed while continuing to interact with the dentist for the best outcome of the intervention.
Available at our dental practice, conscious sedation is suitable for every type of surgery, ablation of tartar to complex oral surgery, especially in patients who show a high level of anxiety.
And of course also for kids!

730 pre-compiled

Following the D.Lgs. 175/2014, this dental surgery is required to submit electronically to the “System Health Card”, which will transmit informations relating to health care expenses incurred by you to the Tax Accounting for the purposes of  processing of the 730 pre-compiled. In application of the D.M. 31/7/2015 and the law on “privacy” (ex art.7 D.Lgs. 196/2003), you can exercise the opposition* to sending data, before issuing the invoice, through explicit verbal request, which will be noted on the tax document.

* If the patient is not 16 years old or is unable to act the opposition it must be carried out on its behalf by the representative or legal guardian.


Following the entry into force of the Budget Law (L. 27.12.19 n. 160), from January 1, 2020 in order to be able to deduct from the tax return (Mod. 730 or Mod. UNICO) the health costs incurred, payments must be made with “traceable means”: bank checks, postal checks, circular checks, wire transfers or with debit, credit, prepaid and debit cards.

The use of cash is always possible, but the taxpayer, despite showing the receipt of the payment made, will lose the right to deduct the expenses made during the tax return.

“The best technical innovations affordable to all of you “


A transparent alternative to retainers for adults and children.

“Invisalign” is a system of dental alignment nearly invisible to obtain reliable results without the sacrifice of leading unattractive metal retainers. In addition, a virtual treatment program (ClinCheck® software) made by using a 3D scanner i-tero, the studio is provided, shows the movements your teeth will follow in the course of treatment. This allows you to know in advance what will be the appearance of your teeth at the end of treatment. The results of the ClinCheck permit to realize transparent aligners tailored for you.

Digital Impression and Cerec

In Kiral Dental you can take a digital picture of the teeth in 3D!

It is an innovative system that allows to reconstruct damaged teeth in a single session. It starts by detecting the dental impression with digital blue came. This system – also called digital impression – has many advantages: first of all the comfort: impression is taken without the use of dough, so no nausea or unpleasant taste. Then the precision – important for high quality restorations – and finally efficiency. Later then with the milling machine that allows the realization of individual(ceramic dental crowns and lithium disilicate, temporary crowns and bridges in acetalic resin and implant stumps in zirconia. This process is possible to the chair without any further appointments. Please contact immediately our doctors!

Dental Aesthetics

Return to smile!

The Cosmetic dentistry gives comfort even in the cosmetic dental whitening, or facets of tooth front or in the removal of old fillings, reflecting a new harmony of lips and face, reducing the invasiveness and timing thanks to procedures CAD / CAM which allow to avoid the use of pastes for the impression of the teeth and to satisfy in a quick and painless expectations of the patient.


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